How many rentals do you have?

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My goal is to own much real estate as possible, I’m curious to see who owns the most on BiggerPockets and how they got there, even if you own a couple still post your number, let see them numbers.......

Our family owns and manages 27 homes/units with 13 of those in a mobile home parks we own.  We had an additional 12 last year but sold the property to a commercial investor.  We also manage another 15 short and long term rentals for other people and collect a commission on those properties as well.

I'd rather count how much money can be made rather than how many units I have. Unit count is meaningless, other than maybe a quick gauge of someone's experience. Sort of like the 2%'s a glancing assessment but really not worth much.

@Michael Conrad it’s more about the cash flow which most will not sure. I flip homes and people always ask how many did you flip last year or this, it really doesn’t matter all that matters is how much cash flow are you bringing in.
@Michael Conrad - Your question is similar to ‘how often do you trade? questio, one you will hear several times times from participants if you attend any conference on stock or options trading Its all about the net cashflow (bottomline) ultimately as others have mentioned here One can have a poorly purchased/managed 20 unit apt bldg that’s draining cash and producing less cashflow at the end of the month than someone owning 5 or 6 single family homes or another asset type thats extremely profitable