AirBnB rental investments

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I have a mixed portfolio of 83 rentals (single, multi, office and commercial) and am considering getting beach property as an investment using AirBnB (single or multifamily).  Ideally it would be a way for me to house hack a beach house for my family (using it off season or weeks that go unrented).  Has anyone out there had success with that?  Any good blogs, ebooks, forum threads?


Sal Lentini

I have a VRBO on a lake and it does very well.

Ocean front will have high taxes and insurance. Maybe one street back with an unobstructed view might be a good way to get what you want.

I'd check other VRBO and Airbnb properties in the area you are looking at and check their occupancy and rates and run the numbers to see if will meet your criteria.