Criminal Background & Credit Checks

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What do you use for criminal background checks and credit checks for screening prospective tenants?  Is there an all inclusive website that is reputable that you would recommend?

I use Buildium for all of that. They offer full service property management software, so it may be more than you need.  They have an online application that you can customize and can do the screenings through their site.

The company Buildium uses for this is mysmartmove. You can use them directly. I'm not sure what the cost is though. I would definitely recommend checking into (about $45/month) or (free) if you aren't already using a property management software system. It makes things nice and smooth when you can have all of your information and payment history in one platform. 

** I just noticed you are an agent. If you aren't managing the properties and just doing leasing services it will probably make more sense for you to just use mysmartmove. It's a transunion service so it's definitely credible. It probably won't be worth your time to set up a full property management software. 

The property management software we use integrates with reliable screening for our background checks. I click a button and the report appears in about 10 seconds. 

I use I have the tenant pay for their screenings which include eviction report, credit, and background checks. I can approve the one I want straight from the website and build a lease from the approved application.