Lawn Care and Snow Removal

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I just accepted a my first tenant!

I am moving out of state and renting my single family house.  I am managing it myself and have a handyman in town.

The lease terms do not include lawn maintenance or snow removal, however my tenant does not want to do it herself.

My handyman is willing to do it for an additional fee if I provide the snowblower and lawn mower.  So I would need to cover his cost and the cost of the equipment purchase/upkeep.

My options as i see it are:

1. Provide the lawn mower and snow blower, increase rent or add fee.

2. Hire a bonded, insured landscaping company, increase rent or add fee.

3. Leave it to the tenant.

What do you guys do for your out of state properties?  Any advice or suggestions would be great!

@David G. Your best option is to hire a reportable lawn care company and increase the rent to cover the fee. We assign snow removal, grass cutting and keeping of the gardens within of our leases. Since some people are very adverse to doing their own yard work, we make this known to the applicant prior to allowing them to see the house.

Yes, we absolutely take care of the lawn maintenance as part of the lease.  We like to keep our properties in good shape and we make sure the tenants understand that.  Having a good lawn person is also helpful as they can help keep an eye on things as they are frequently on site.  

I understand the snow removal, but lawn maint in North Pole, AK?

Tenant does not want to do it. If you leave it up to them, they may do a half *** job or no job.

Add  cost to the lease.

Assuming it's a SFH ,

I expect those responsibilities to be taken care of by the tenant . 

@Lee Bell

Man, that's some hardy grass. David Attenborough's going to be up there someday camping in your front lawn, narrating a docudrama on that. "This hardy Arctic fescue is doing splendidly..."