Arkansas Landlord Tenant Laws

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Are laws in Arkansas landlord or tenant friendly? I saw Memphis Invest is now in Arkansas. Maybe @ChrisClothier can chime in on this discussion or anyone else investing in Arkansas currently?

Arkansas is landlord friendly. Up until last year, we were one of the last states in the country with a criminal eviction statute. Even without that statute, evictions can be done pretty quickly.

I understand your frustration but see this one more as a case of the constitutional checks and balances working like they are supposed to work.  I agree with the Circuit Court Judges who found that the statute violated the Arkansas constitution, which provides that no person shall be imprisoned for debt, absent fraud.   The legislature screwed up in drafting the statute, the courts called them on it, and the legislature is now working to fix the problem.   

Arkansas is considered "landlord friendly," but a number of individual judges are more "tenant friendly" when applying the law. Be sure to follow the eviction laws precisely, or the process can draw out for quite some time.

I think the key is to screen tenants very carefully. If you get a tenant who makes a habit of not paying rent - they likely know how to game the system and can drag the eviction out for months.