Back Flow Prevention Installation. Tenant or Landlord?

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Hi! I'm renting a commercial space for a friend and a new day care is moving in there. The state came in and said we needed a back flow prevention for the water system. I"m located in PA, by law am do tenants usually pay for it or is it the landlord responsibility? 

@Laila Ea this is typically the landlord responsibility. Now since its a commercial property it could be written in the lease that the tenant is responsible. 

@Laila Ea

Definitely check the lease.

For commercial, the lease can be structures so that the landlord is responsible for any improvements to the building, OR it can be structured so that the tenant is responsible for improvements.  All depends on how the deal was put together.

Jeff V

Thank you!!! I appreciate it. It's written on the lease "AS IS", but we have decided to go half and half  since it's a state law to have it the back flow. Thank you again for your help. I appreciate it.  - Laila