Lawn Care Question for SFH

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Just listed our first rental and still trying to decide how to go about lawn care. It's a single family home and the yard isn't huge. Wasn't looking to provide lawn care since it is SFH. I've been mowing all summer and assumed we would leave them that mower and a few basic yard tools. The other day a local landlord told us that he doesn't give tenants a mower but sells it to them for extremely cheap - that way he isn't liable if they hurt themselves using it. Now not sure what to do with this and need to figure it out in the next day or 2 before weekend showings! It is an electric mower (again not a huge yard and would be worried about the pricier gas mowers and someone not using right) but that leaves possibility of them running over the cord. Also if they are trying to mow really long grass or wet grass the electric ones don't have the same power and they could kill it quickly, leaving me stuck replacing it. And do I then need to provide a weed wacker? What if we get an elderly couple that can't mow?

Any thoughts or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Hi Karyn,

In your lease you should have clear verbiage that says who is responsible for the lawn and to what extent (especially if you belong to an HOA).

As far as providing a lawn mower, it is up to you.  I personally would leave the current mower with the new tenants (and to have verbiage in the lease that holds you harmless for any equipment malfunction etc.).  I would also say that if the mower needs to be replaced, then you would subsidize part of the cost to replace so that the tenants have some skin in the game.  

@Karyn S. . Simple Statement in the lease: Tenant Responsible for Lawn Care. 

Don't provide any equipment you might be responsible for maintaining. Milford, CT may be different, but every place I've been, once you move into a SFR, it's generally accepted the Tenant is responsible for the Lawn - it's a part of living in a SFR.

You might contact some lawn care providers, and get estimates of cost of providing Lawn Care Services, and give tenants the option of taking care of lawn, or having it included in the rent (Estimated Cost + Markup).  

@Karyn S.

We make the tenants take care of all landscaping, and do not provide a mower. They can find someone in the neighborhood for ~$25/cut if they don't want to buy a mower. Part of the responsibility in renting a SFH in my personal opinion.

Thanks guys!  I've been letting everyone know that lawn and snow are tenant responsibility.  I did get quotes and have some cards from an affordable landscaper if they wish to go that route.  The mower is already there but "well loved", so will have to work that into lease.  I'm still fine tuning the lease while screening people.  I'm such a newbie and trying to do everything right!