Verifying Owner's # of Rental Units

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Hello, in Portland, Oregon, we have a tenant protection ordinance that has landlords assist with relocation expenses for no-cause evictions, but not if the owner has no other rental units.  Currently, I'm a tenant on a property that is about to be sold, and the new landlord may or may not want me to leave.  How do I determine/verify how many rental units the new owner has?  Is there a way to look this up online?



@Dennis M. It’s almost entirely due to one socialist on the city council; Chloe Eudaly. Basically she comes up with new policies against landlords and the rest of the city council rubber stamps it. Appearantly the landlord lobby is so incredibly weak here in portland they can’t prevent anything unless it gets contested under Oregon state constitutional grounds. We went from a nationally moderate rental atmosphere to one of the most anti-landlord in the country in just 3 years. The only ray of hope is that she isn’t running for relection.