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Looking for recommendations for reliable, reputable home warranty company.  We have used two different ones and both have horrendous customer service, less than qualified contractors and inflated costs.  Currently own 6 older rental properties outside of Baltimore and one in S. Carolina.  Thanks in advance.

Tracy, I've been with HMS National for a little over a year now and they took a little over 6 weeks to replace a broken range AFTER the service rep arrived, inspected, and determined it was beyond repair.  after calling them literally every day (not an exaggeration) for an update, i resorted to calling the service rep that came out directly and only with him on the line and three-way calling HMS with me on the line using his service professional portal did we get the answer that they claimed they completed the replacement and closed the file.  customer service was a 0 out of 10 on that one.  

Sorry i don't have a better suggestion for you on this, but if you do come across a good one, please post about it.  I see great value in them IF you can find a good one.



Yes, HMS was one of the warranty companies I was referring to.  I have about a million stories just like yours and some a lot worse and much more ridiculous.  Have spent hours researching reviews of multiple other home warranty companies and none seem better than the other.  They are definitely valuable in the long run as long as you watch out for their less than qualified contractors. Some have actually even done worse damage to the item they were sent to fix.  But every now and then they replace an item, refrigerator most recently and that makes the finance end worth it.  The headache on the other hand.............

Will def post if I find a newer, better one and hope that others will do the same.  Thanks for your response.

Tracy Newhouse

Newhouse Properties, LLC