I saved my tenant's life today

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Went over to a rental property today to work on a leaking basement window. One of my tenants was at home recovering from surgery on his arm. While I was there, a vein in his arm ruptured and he started bleeding heavily all over his couch. I got him to a chair, called 9-1-1, and put heavy pressure on his arm with a wrapped towel until the EMTs showed up. They strapped on a tourniquet before hauling him off to the hospital.

I'm sitting there in the kitchen surrounded by blood and vomit (my tenant vomited and passed out for a bit there), and he starts thanking me as we hear the EMTs roll up, "Thank you...thank you...I owe you one...I owe you one, Jim."

"Absolutely, you owe me $650 every month."

"I ain't got it, Jim..."

"That's OK, it isn't the first of the month yet."

The next time some non-landlord posts in this forum about how bad low-income -housing fixer slumlords should feel for taking advantage of our C/D-class tenants, I'm going to try not to jump down their throat, but no promises.  If you're thinking about posting something like that and you've never walked in our shoes, yes, things like this are part of the life. Twenty minutes of holding a man's arm together, hoping the EMTs make it in time before he slips away, praying as hard as you can for all the strength that God can give you in this hour of need. And then afterwards the shakes, and the insomnia at 3:00 in the morning. My $650 a month is not thirty pieces of silver.

Kudos to you.   You are a good samaritan. Your family should be proud of you.

All the best,

Sam Shueh

PS: I learned from a homeless the line between living out of door and inside is just a wall.  This Santa Monica (CA) homeless was an actress staring at a CD with her on the front cover told me she was the star when she had work. 

Thank you all. I was just terrified for most of it. Then I came home and couldn't get to sleep and tried to write it out of my system. I have been a part of too many crazy situations in my life. I think it really does just happen to some people -- the dice keep coming up snake eyes. It's made me a fountain of surreal stories, but as this one unfolded, all I could do was recognize that I had been pulled into Crazyland again and just try to keep it together.

Wow. We DIY LLs do see a lot.  Kudos to you for being there and doing the right thing.  Not many of us in the trenches get to save a life!

The demise of this tenant would have been certain if you were an armchair LL working 'on' your business. Would have taken a week to get someone out there to charge you thousands, not to mention down time and hassles of dealing with next of kin, probate, etc. Would have been a different outcome indeed...

It’s crazy to think that something as insignificant and mundane as a simple window repair allowed for the conditions to save a person from crossing over into the next world . I’ve had many weird circumstances in my 40 years like this where time and space have been precisely timed up to permit a “ window” ( pun intended) of opportunity for an almost supernatural occurrence to take place .looking back  I’ve escaped death on several occasions myself this way .

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Thinly-veiled virtue-signalling post. Sad.

Clearly, I need to to 10X my veiling thickness. I'll work on that. Maybe I'll do better next time.

Next time it shouldn't be thinly-veiled. Try a heavier veil - a burka perhaps? ;) 

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@Jim K. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

 That's actually a weird part of the story. I was working with silicone caulk, so I had a box of nitrile gloves in my toolbag. The younger EMT told me it was the first time he'd ever come in on a call to find help on the scene already in blue gloves.

The older EMT actually stole my roll of paper towels out of my bag to clean up blood with.

Good work Jim right place right time.. !!!  cant say this has ever happened to me..  for me it was too late by the time I arrived.. :(

Originally posted by @Jim C. :

You should get tested for any blood related diseases that could have transferred to you, there are more than you think

 Now THAT would fit right into the story of my life!

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