Tenant background checks threshold

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Whats everyone's threshold for tenant background checks. I don't have a process for credit checks but I do do a criminal and eviction check. I am looking at one now that recently had Judgments for collections in 2017 from the state of Kansas and 1 private business and 1 foreclosure in 2017. From 2002 to 2016 it is basically littered with the same thing foreclosures and collections including the state of Kansas. I do know they filed bankruptcy 5 years ago. I am assuming this would be a no with everyone. 

I don't have a 100% rule, but if there are multiple judgements for collections on there it's almost certainly going to be a no. 

If they aren't paying other bills, you have no reason to believe that they will break that habit and pay you. 

As you said in your post @Cleve Werner , it should be a no for this applicant. The collections judgments are much too recent to accept this person. If they've been sent to collections in the past year, it's highly doubtful that they will be on time with rent payments.