Book on multi family investing

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I have just recently started my investment journey At first I wanted to start by flipping single family properties but after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that I want to BRRR multi family (2-4) properties. I have some money of my own and I have a friend who I think I can convince to invest with me but before presenting him with the idea I want to have all my facts straight. There are tons of books out there but I would like to know iF there is a book or two that most people would suggest in regards to my specific investment strategy. Also for those of you who have done this I’m curious if you would recommend or caution it to a newbie like me. And what would be your reason. Thanks BP.

I'm reading Multi-Family Millions by Lindahl. It's a super-fast read, really just some basics and has good real life scenarios. I'd suggest it - it has some good nuggets.