Using a Realtor to rent properties

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When you hire a Realtor to find tenants for a property, does the rental advertisement get posted in places (such as the local MLS) where it would not otherwise appear? I normally put rental ads on Zillow, but it has never been clear to me whether this places them on an MLS, or just on Zillow (along with a couple of other sites that it partners with for rental ads).

If hiring the Realtor means getting my ad on the MLS, it seems like it could be worth it, because 1) few other rentals are advertised there; and 2) I suspect that the quality of potential tenants will be higher.

I know most people here will say never to work with a Realtor to find tenants. I normally don't, but in one particular case I am thinking about it because I want to find really high-quality tenants -- and I suspect that folks who work with a Realtor to find a rental will be more responsible than ones who just use craiglist, etc.

The MLS (placed by agents) will feed to Zillow if the broker is set up with them - most are.

If you place it on zillow, it does NOT go to the MLS.. Only agents with MLS membership can post there. The agreement with the MLS is that other agents will see the listing and the agent will share their commission with the agent who brings the tenant/ buyer.

Typically tenants will be prequalified by the agent, so you have a better understanding of their qualifications from the start. 

My recommendation is to list with a property mgmt company. Many of them do lease listings only if you want to manage the property yourself.  THey will have more knowledge of the requirements that a random agents that may not really do leases very often.  For example- are they up on support animals, carbon monoxide detector requirements, fair housing for tenancies, etc.  

Hope this helps and best of luck!!

I never use realtors- but I love them!

Use for your listing and they will list it to, Zillow will add even more. I don't buy into the MLS when it comes to renters.

Also, when I have been contacted by a realtor the client is usually in the process of looking for a house and wants a rental to get established in the area. So there is a high likelyhood that you will be losing a months rent and begin looking again in a year.

I recognize that in some areas like NYC brokers are used- but that is a different thing entirely.