Adding New Tenants on a Lease

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I have a 4-bedroom unit in San Francisco with 4 tenants and 2 of the old tenants moved out and they have asked that I approve new ones to replace the 2 that moved out. Am I obliged to add new tenants, after reviewing their background, or does the lease terminate if one of the tenants move out? There is nothing specific in the lease agreement.


I am surprised that the answer is not in your state landlord tenant regulations with CA being tenant friendly. Take another look and double check for the appropriate clauses but I doubt a lease would terminate under those circumstances.

Is this unit in SF proper? Then yes, you have to allow them to find replacement tenants. You may want to do this via 6.14 notice. SF has crazy rent control regulations, so either spend some $$$ and get a competent SF based lawyer, or spend a lot of time online reading the SF rent board rules. Be careful.