Landlord insurance Philadelphia, PA

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I'm a new real estate investor currently in the process of closing on my first property. It is a duplex in Philadelphia, PA that is currently fully rented. As I am not intending to live in the property I was looking at various companies for landlord insurance and have two questions for the BP community. First, I was wondering if anyone had reccomadtions on insurance companies they have used in the area or I general. Second, I am looking to see if anyone has general rule of thumbs about policy limits. I understand the various limits and how they apply, but just want to make sure I am not paying for an insurable limit that I will likely never approach with a given claim. If anyone has experience with adjusting their limits to best fit a properties needs it would be greatly appreciated Thanks

@Sean Stevens  

I typically only do replacement cost coverage for the properties for newer investors.  If they are more seasoned investors and is OK with actual cash value, we can do that too.  As for Philly area, Safeco I have found to be competitive for the area for the 1 to 2 units.

@Oscar Beteta I use Allstate for my home, auto, landlord, and umbrella insurance. They are easy and competitive.

That said, if you’re happy with your homeowners company, give them a shout for your 4-plex.

@Sean Stevens were you able to find insurance for your property? I'm currently in the same boat as you, under contract for my 1st investment property. It is a single family home in Philadelphia. Would you be able to share any recommendations on insurance providers for the area?