Advice on tenant proofing for low income properties

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Hello BP! I am a new investor in York, PA. My current financial situation only allows me to deal with lower income properties. I want to know what you other investors are doing to “tenant proof” your units. I am currently dealing with a 3 unit apartment in a C- neighborhood. I purchased the property for 65k with 2 units occupied with rent being $600 and $700. My target rent for the 3rd vacant unit is $750 after renovation. Currently, I pay all utilities. I already have plans to separate gas and electric. My question is: what type of remodel will best fit this type of property? Should I do carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring? What type of material should I put in the kitchen, bathroom? Should I provide the appliances? I was planning to budget the renovation at 35k capping the whole project at 100k. Any suggestions? Thank you

I know of a lot of investors using vinyl plank flooring in lower end rentals for durability. It's a lot more water resistant than laminate and easier to clean/repair than carpet. (Just get a few extra boxes to replace individual pieces as needed). The rest I would say base it off of your neighborhood. It will most likely be laminate counter tops, pre-fab cabinets, etc.  

@Cassi Justiz Thanks for the input Cassie! Vinyl planks sounds like the way to go. I still need to pull the existing carpet up. The old hardwood flooring may be in good enough condition for me to refinish and stain over.

Luxury Vinyl Plank looks very nice, is durable, and can handle getting wet. Be prepared to pay much more initially but it will reduce wear-and-tear, cut down on cleaning costs, and you could even learn to install it yourself to cut costs.