Commercial Lease for Residential Property?

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I have a residential building 3 units that I want to rent directly to a business, does anyone know if I can just give them a commercial NNN lease? They will be having people live in the building. The reason I ask is because it will be rented directly to the business. Any ideas?



Your local zoning codes will pretty much rule over all of that. 

It's not uncommon to see this happen. If zoning doesn't permit business leases, you can always have a real estate lawyer draft up a suitable NNN Residential Lease with Sublet Options... you just have to make sure it's worded plainly and with enough residential language to keep the city happy should they come knockin. :-)

You need to consult an attorney in your state.  I dont think a court here would enforce the terms of a commercial lease that are contrary to our landlord tenant law for residential property but it isn't something I've ever looked into.

If they will reside there, it would be a residential lease. They can still operate a business, pay rent from business income, etc.