Massachusetts renter with "guests" that wont leave...

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One of my tenants has been asking me questions on her father's behalf, and I don't have the here I am!

Her father lives in Massachusetts, with his second wife and his adult son. They rent, and several weeks ago allowed a male friend to crash on their couch for a few nights. Well, that was a big mistake because somehow the friend quickly moved his girlfriend in WITH her two children! I don't have the details, but the friend and girlfriend are refusing to leave, and the property manager has given them until the end of this month to depart, or the eviction process will start on my tenant's father, wife, and son.

The friend and girlfriend are not on the lease, have never paid a dime in rent, and have nearly tripled the assorted bills that the father is responsible for. They are in a bad spot. I have suggested that they find legal assistance of some sort, and/or visit the local police department and ask what they should do.

Can anyone tell me what the process is to eject unwelcome house guests in Massachusetts?

They should go to the local housing court (if there is one if not then the local court house) and ask the clerk or see if there is a lawyer of the day or legal services they can contact. They may have to bring their own eviction action against the no longer welcome guest.

They will likely have to do an eviction or ejectment of  the "guests" my brother had to do this in a similar situation , have them talk to legal aid.  One tactic if the kids are registered in the school district is to notify the district that they do not live at the address that will make life harder for them and it can be done legally.  Since they are not paying rent  I would explore if a lockout is possible particularly if they are there for < 30 days run this by legal aid. If during the refusing to leave they have been threatened with bodily harm an order of protection can be issued, talk to the victim advocate if that is the case.  That however would only serve to remove the person threatening, they would likely still have to evict the rest.

I have passed these responses on to my tenant, and she is appreciating the advice. Me, too! As some additional information, the unwelcome friend and girlfriend have been there almost TWO MONTHS. Wow...