Section 8 screening criteria

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 I’m toying  with the idea of excepting section 8. I know there is good and bad to it. For anybody that does section 8, what do you use for screening criteria? I assume I won’t be able to ask for three times the rent as income.  And I don’t know if I’ll have to lower my standards for credit score. Or is there anything else I need to look at differently for that. 

Also, if anyone is in the Bristol Connecticut area, how has that town been to work with? From what I hear if you have a good inspector section 8 can be good and if you have a difficult inspector it’s not worth it.


@Theodore Arzt , I screen the same way for a section 8 tenant. I don't worry about income as the section 8 office makes sure they can afford their portion of the rent (if any).

I charge the same deposit as for a non section 8 person.

I call references, especially last couple of landlords.