Pros and cons of gas ranges

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 I’m purchasing appliances for a property I intend to rent.   There is a gas hook up for the stove already in place.   Are there any benefits to installing a gas range instead of electric? What are the pros and cons of gas ranges?   Are there any monetary benefits of one or the other?   Safety issues? 

We own 17 residential rental units. Gas ranges in 9 units, electric ranges in 8. No problem with either. Keep all your appliances maintained and teach the tenants how to properly use and take care of the equipment.  Many tenants prefer gas appliances. In our area natural gas is quite affordable and a better bargain than electric. This goes for gas furnaces (with forced air heating ducts) and gas water heaters too. 

Gas ranges have the control knobs at the front, which make them more accessible to children and dogs. Children and dogs have been known to accidentally turn on a gas range. Responsible parents and responsible pet owners don't seem to have a problem with gas ranges, but it's something to keep in mind. Families with young children may be turned off by a home with gas appliances because of perceived danger. This can either work for or against your interests, but can't be mentioned during the application phase as it could have a chilling affect.

In my home, I’d choose gas 100% of the time.

In a rental, it depends on what the hookup is and who’s paying for what. All else being equal, I wouldn’t pay the extra few hundred $$ to have electric installed. Just go with gas.

It all depends on the price of the rental. If it is a lower income type of property the tenants are concerned with an extra belt and deposit that they have to pay for gas