Oil heating Vs Gas heating

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I am totally new to this forum, Not sure how it works. The question I have is, I recently bought a 2 family property and rented out both units. Currently I have oil heat and its will end of costing me almost 3000 to 3600 a season on oil for both units. I am contemplating if I separate the heat and put gas heat, it cost me 14000 to 15000 and in 4 to 5 years my plan is to sell the property.

Please help me decide if I should keep the oil or change it to gas.


@Sandeep Jain , according to those numbers, you'll just be breaking even when you plan to sell. The update may or may not command a higher sales price. If you planned to own this for 30 years, it would be a no-brainer, but in this case...

Have you considered mini-spits for each unit? You'd still need to provide HW, but could put in a super-efficient tankless unit. This would avoid having to re-plumb the entire heating system. An added advantage of mini-spits is that they heat in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Central A/C may command higher rent.

Originally posted by @Dennis M.:

I have a trane mini split system in my addition it will blow hot air even at 5 degrees

Are you sure it's not just using the backup resistive heating element?

@Sandeep Jain , What is the system, forced air or a boiler? I'd consider simply changing over the burner on the exiting system to gas and not trying to split the heat.

@Johann Jells Some mini-split systems have low-temperature models which work down to zero or so degrees (farenheit).  They cost a bit more, but can run efficiently down to much colder temperatures than their conventional models.

Look at Mitsubishi Hyper-heat, Fujitsu Halcyon, etc.

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Thanks Johann for responding, I have a boiler with radiator heat. Only thing is if I put one boiler then still I end up paying for the heat. 

 The thing to remember is that you only pay for the heat if you don't build enough of it into the rent. Is that system steam or hot water?

Oil heat is incredibly inefficient, the upgrade could very well get you a higher renting and sales price, and would make the building more eco-friendly, which is a plus for everyone, no?

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Do any one have a rough idea, how much it will cost me to put two saperate HW units for 2 bed room apartment each.

 If the plumbing is already separate, each unit would probably cost you $400 apiece to the plumber, plus whatever you spend on the units, basic would be around $5-800.

So you underestimated your heat costs. Raise the rent on the next lease! If they don't like it show them the bills.