Tools for finding deals with cash flow.

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I am getting overwhelmed by the maintenance of excel sheets. Does anyone know a resource that allows to search for cash flowing properties in the given region? I am aware of RoofStack, but is there anything else? I would like to analyze any property I can find for sale. 

Real estate is a numbers game like a lot of people say. Just make embarrassing offers. you might get counters you might get a no, but sometime you get a yes. just make the number works for you and thats the offer you are going to give. you can write offers all day. My wife is getting her real estate license and she will help us save on the commissions and write offers for us as well as finding off market deals that flow through the agency. I personally don't see any problem on making an offer that meets your investing goals. Don't worry about what the seller think and if your agent won't write the offer for you, have them do a verbal, if they don't feel comfortable find someone else. sometimes the seller want a price the market won't pay, if you are in the hot market and have a lot of foreign investor or people with money to park their money because its safer than stock or other investments and happy with a low return then don't fight with those people. you don't go in to a bidding war with somebody to win a deal because that is not actually not a good deal. hope this help and happy to hear what others think.