Contractor made a holes in my garage ceiling

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I was renovating a single family garage today (full installation) and when I came to check on the finished work, the workers basically created four holes (two doors) on the ceiling.

I'm looking to find out what I can do.

1. What future problems could this cause ? (Insects / rats (currently none) could go up there and live there.)

2. I reached out to the owner of the garage business. He apologized that the workers did not communicate before blasting four holes and promised he would install a different kind that does not inflict damage on the ceiling AND patch up the holes. He will be back in town in two weeks so he will start the repair after.

Anything else I am missing other than making sure the repair is done correctly ? I paid the workers through credit card after the operation.

you can dispute with credit card company.. for instance my amex has powerful protection plan so if anything was wrong they will reimburse me immediately, otherwise just fix it yourself and never pay until fully inspected and satisfied

@Justin Kane I used sapphire reserve to pay for it so I think disputing wouldn't be too hard but I want both sides to be happy obviously.

When you say reimburse, does AMEX pay you back while not paying the contractors then ?

yea they fight the contractors for you, its a totally painless experience. sometimes they just bite the bullet contractor keeps the money and amex just reimburses you anyway