New tenant wants changes after signing a lease

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I am a new member of this forum and I am new to the rental/ landlord side of house purchases. We have a tenant who signed a lease for one year and he emailed us a list of things that he wants to be done. One thing is to remove a current ceiling fan and install his older ceiling fan. The other request is he wants a ceiling fan installed in a bedroom where there is currently a light fixture in place. Another issue was he wants the deck stained because the boards are dry and cracking on the decking boards and the sides of a screened room. I was going to address the check later on it is not a safety issue it a cosmetic issue. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on these issues.

New member mike  

Hi Mike.

My properties are leased as-is. Of course I make safety repairs, and the deck stain isn't going to fix a cracked board. I'd check into that, but would absolutely say no to installing his ceiling fan if yours works.

They knew what the place looked like when they signed the lease.  Politely tell them no to anything that isn't safety related. A ceiling fan and staining a deck are not safety related. If you planned to stain the deck later, tell them the deck is on your list to stain over the summer.  As for a fan in the bedroom, tell him to get one that stands on the floor and plugs into the wall.

I would let them do them AT HIS COST...and use a licensed electrician. If he still wants to go ahead then fine. 

No is always your first response to tenant requests. In this case your tenant when told no will likely change out the fans themselves so what I would do is agree to do the change at his expense. Make it very clear that he is not permitted to do any work and must never touch electrical. Tell him you will have a electrician do the work if he is willing to pay or if you are competent do it yourself and charge a fair rate for your time. 

As for the deck that would be a flat no with the explanation that you have plans to do it in the future. If you were to say yes to a request of this type the requests will never end. Definite no. Make it crystal clear that he is not permitted to do it. You will end up with stain all over everything if you allow him to doth work. Never allow any tenant to touch anything.

@Mike Monaghan

Your response to any issue that is not safety related should be, “of course. Give me a week to let you know what the resulting increase in rent will be, and if you agree, we can sign off on the changes.”

He won’t want those changes done anymore lol

Asking for a fan, I will offer it to them have them install it. They can take out themselves and put their one themselves.

As for others offer free paint since it is improvement. Tell them you are not a painter.

This is a win-win situation making some concession and take care of their needs.