Hi BP Community,

I am turning over a now vacant Semi-Detached Row home in Dundalk (Baltimore County) and am dealing with a nightmare neighbor. The man next door seems to be mentally ill (lives by himself and very hostile) has trash, debris, furniture, animal feces, and stray cats all over his yard. This is accompanied by an abhorrent smell that I suspect is dead animals in his property. He has a severe cockroach infestation that has migrated over to my property along with the odors. It’s so bad that I can’t go in my property without a mask

The odors and cockroaches are my biggest problem right now so looking for any advice on what I can do here. I’ve contacted BC Police (non emergency) due to potential animal abuse due to the conditions (He has a dog that I’ve even once seen with a cockroach crawling on its back) but they said there’s not much they can do and recommended me to go to Baltimore Code Enforcement. I then opened a complaint with the county who has issued him a notice of correction (front yard junk and feces) but I’m not sure where that will go as the notice is addressed to him wife (who seems to no longer live that the property) who records list as the sole owner

Any suggestions? Thanks BP