Security Deposit and Damages

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I am new to being a landlord. My tenant is moving out. She has been wrapping a hair tie around it and attaching it to the spout of the faucet. This caused the drain to break. It leaked for quite awhile and it caused water damage to a door, trim, and frame. I happened to see the door had water stains on the other side of it and then went and asked her what was going on. She couldn't figure out the reason why the carpet was wet and when I went into the bathroom, I found the drain tied up and when I looked under the sink there was water. I am able to the cost of the door, trim and door frame out of her security deposit correct.

You can get a quote for the repairs and and let her know that the security deposit will be used to cover the damages if anything is left over she will get back.

@Michelle Ksepka Any damages caused directly by the tenant, especially from non-typical and recommended use of facilities, comes from their security deposit. When she moves out, do a move-out walk-through and thoroughly document and photograph the damages. 

Get everything repaired that is necessary to re-rent the unit, and if there is anything left over from her deposit, you can send a receipt with the remainder of her deposit so she can see for herself how and why her deposit was used. That will usually satisfy people and they won't bother you wanting to know why they didn't get their full security deposit back. Of course, it's also great to have those records for yourself!

I see that the tenant is planning to move out?  Until she actually moves, any repairs/damages should be billed to her immediately rather than waiting till move out.  Never let the tenant eat up the deposit while still living in the rental.