Selling a Tiny House or trying to rent it out.

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I own a Tiny House and have been trying to sell it for quite some time now. If I had land to set it up on, I would try and rent it out but I think if I sold it I could use the profits to invest in a higher return property. Looking for suggestions on where to post it and how to market something like that. If I decide to try and rent it, I don't know how to price rent rates. I've been trying to sell it locally on FB marketplace, Craigslist, and also have it listed on but can't seem to find a serious buyer.

If you're not living in it and it's hooked up to utilities maybe you could Air BnB it as a way to earn money while still trying to sell it.  Tiny Houses are definitely popular right now on Air BnB.  Never know someone who stays there might become your buyer.

Good luck