Tenant House break in

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A simple break-in doesn’t generally invalidate a lease. I had a young couple once who were renting their first place together from me and unfortunately it was broken into while they weren’t home. In that case, I opted to let them out of the lease because they asked, stating they no longer felt safe there. I did it because I felt bad for them and knew I could re-rent the place quickly (did so in a matter of days).  However, I was under no legal obligation to do it. 

@Dejuan Calloway

First, the most likely scenario is that their home was broken into by someone they know.

Second, just because there was a break-in doesn't mean you have to terminate the lease. if the tenant is in fear for their lives, they can push for termination and you have to respect that. If the tenant claims to feel unsafe but then want to take a month to find another rental, clearly they don't feel unsafe.