Property Manager Recommendations in Buffalo, NY Area

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There's a couple threads on here from about 2 years ago asking for PM recommendations, however a lot of the people in those threads stated they couldn't find a good company. Of the three companies I did sift out of those threads one's pricing was high and the other two didn't reply to me which seems like a bad sign.

I'm hoping things have changed, as I'm in need of a new property manager!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good property management company in the Buffalo/WNY area?

@Mike Redick

It is very important that you make sure you take the time to interview and have candid conversations with a PM company. Let them know your strategy, your goals and what your business plan is to ensure that your business plan aligns with theirs and you can both work towards the same goal. If they are not aligned then simply keep looking till you find one that is.I would look up NARPM and start with them..Below are some questions I would think would be a good starting point for you to see who really treats their company like a business or a hobby.

My business partner is a regional VP for NARPM and I am happy to help if you need anything please reach out

Questions to Ask prospective management companies

* What are your average days on market for vacant homes?

* What is your average rent amount for all properties managed?

* What is your average work order cost for the owner?

* What is your average make ready cost for the owner?

* Are all my invoices uploaded to my owner portal?

* How do you advertise your vacant units?

* Do I receive video of my pre and post make ready?

* Do you have a setup fee?

* Do you upcharge on maintenance?

* When do you make owner payments? How often?

* Are you a Certified Property Manager?

* Are you a member of NARPM?

* What is your Guarantee?

* Do you provide move in and move out reports

* How many pictures do you take of the property prior to tenant moves in and after the tenant moves out

* Do you get weekly reports when the property is vacant what prospective tenants are saying about your home

* Do you provide monthly newsletters to your tenants

* Do you hold investor education classes to help me become a better investor

* Do you have single point portfolio based management services?

* How many properties do the owners actually own themselves?

* What do you do to ensure that the tenant is responsible for security deposit disputes since that is the largest reason for owner lawsuits

* How familiar are you with the newly changed laws that can affect you the owner if they are not used correctly?


It sounds like you answered your own question. There are a couple of PM's that post/advertise on here but I'd say the majority of investors I know manage the properties themselves and those that don't I have heard a lot of horror stories unfortunately! Let us know who you decide to go with. Good luck

Hi Mike!

I have a recommendation for a PM in Buffalo, NY. I use them for the past year and I am very pleased. 

I am an out of state investor and I rely on my PM as my eyes and ears. I feel that they are communicating, handling issues as they occur, loved by my tenants, and don't rob me.

If you want me to introduce you to them, please message me your email and number/type of properties you have, and I'll be happy to make the intro.

The reason I am not posting their name or contact address is that one day in the future they will stop being my PM and I am not sure I will remember / have the power to update this post accordingly, so it's best to get their details from me.