Section 8 != "Guaranteed money"

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I've always been against section 8 and other government backed tenant payments since even with my nasty properties, I'd rather roll my dice with a class C tenant than have the government as a tenant.  However, a new property we bought had a lot of empty units so we took a few housing people.

I should have known better....

I just was told by my operations manager that one of our tenants was kicked out of the program 8 MONTHS ago.  His case worker informed housing, but they took 8 months to let us know.  Which means even though he's been in our unit for the last 8 months, they're going to pull all 8 months of rent out of our account (or take it out of our payments we'd get for other tenants)

We protested but it's a lost cause.

So I told my operations person that's it.  No more vouchers.   

I hear many (mostly on the left) complain that tenants on vouchers can't get good housing.  Well why the hell do you think that is?  Because people with good housing don't want to deal with the government process.  I don't even mind the tenants (though they are not as good as non voucher tenants on average), but I'll never allow myself to be beholden on the government for rent again. 

WHAAAAAT?  I have never heard of anything this outrageous happening.  I had an instance personally where the HA was double paying us because of an admin error one time. We notified them and they didn’t believe us, so it continued for a few months.  8 months is CRAZY.  Personally, I would appeal the decision. If it doesn’t get overturned, I would take the housing authority to court.