Connecticut law for pet deposits.

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I could not find anything conclusive about the law for a pet deposit or monthly fee. I plan on having a $250 deposit to cover the cost of cleaning the carpet when a tenant with a pet moves out. I don't plan on renting to many people with pets but one of my first applicants has a cat so I think that's okay. If I am not allowed to legally charge this then I think I will require the tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned when moving out.

I'm not understanding how you are going to pay for cleaning with a deposit, that you will have to give back to the tenants? Remember deposit=refundable. Your best bet is to take a high security deposit for the property, and then charge a monthly fee. Depending on your competition, you may be able to charge a high move in fee as well.

Something like $250 to move in with pet, and an extra $50 per month. Call around and find out what your competition is charging for pets.

@Adam Atchison-Lynde There is no law that I am aware of specifically regarding pet deposit amounts in the state, but I do know that your total move in money amount including first months rent and deposits cannot exceed the equivalent of 3 total months rent if your tenants are younger than 62. If at least one of the residents are over 62 you cannot exceed the equivalent of 2 total months rent for move in money.

I was able to find the security deposit law about only being able to charge up to 2 months rent for persons under 62 years of age. I couldn't find any specific laws or regulations regarding pets other than service animals are always allowed. I assume I can set any deposit or charge for pets as long as I don't exceed that 2 month law. 

Thank you for the replies!