Landscaping & BRRRR Investments

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Hey Ya'll

I'm interested to hear some community feedback on landscaping for rental properties. Lets start under the premise that we are BRRRR investing. Typically we are buying distressed properties that are undervalued or in some cases not even on the market. Most of the time, we focus on the structure itself. When you are running your rehab numbers, is landscaping a factor? NOW, there are some situations that will warrant a landscaping overhaul... IE - the HOA requires it. Landscaping (at least in Florida) costs quite a bit to maintain and keep looking good. SO FAR, we haven't invested a ton of money in landscaping, just maintenance of whats there at the time of purchase.


Hi Elise,

Landscaping is one part of the overall unit, and needs to play a role in that.  Just like considering how much money to put into a kitchen or bathroom update, the landscaping should be at the same level.  High-end area with high-end rents?  Then include landscaping maintenance into the rental contract.  Suburban middle class area with mid-range rents?  Mostly lawn with a fence would be fine.  

For me, I'd keep it simple.  If you have overgrown brush, clear it out and put down seed & fertilizer.  Set some expectations on lawn maintenance in your lease, or include landscaping referrals.

Hope that's helpful!