Bees in the I responsible?

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Tenant was stung by a bee or wasp in the yard and is requesting owner to treat the yard.  Our lease does not specifically address responsibility for yard bees.  As a renter I would simply grab some wasp spray....use it...and move on.  Is this something a landlord needs to (or should) entertain.  I have always assumed tenant responsibility for pest control unless otherwise specified.

Is there a nest in the yard or was it a random bee or wasp?  If there is a nest, spray it; if it was a random bee or wasp...there is nothing to do.  It is called nature and it exists everywhere.  A bottle of spray costs $10.

@Denny Bernacki I say ask your tenant if they read the news. Tell them you would not do anything to harm bees. The bees that pollinate the world's food supply are delicate creatures. I'm not kidding. Of course I live in Florida so if someone complains about insects in the yard I just kinda chuckle anyway.

There are two situations: first, there is not only one bee in the yard, that means it do exist a nest. Then what you need to do is to call professional people to get rid of it. But if there is only one bee, or it occurs just by accident. It’s just a fortuity. It’s your responsibility.

David,  That's what I ( as a tenant) would do and have done as a renter.  That's what I assumed they would do.  As an OOS owner I dont want to pay a pest control company to essentially do the same thing.  I really just wanted to bounce it off the forum before going with my gut.....pest control is tenant responsibility. 

I was under the impression you lived local. But in either event, I would just hire a pest control to spray the premises for a low rate and I would notify the tenant that they'll be responsible moving forward as your doing this as a courtesy.

If you feel inclined, stand firm on your beliefs. Sometimes, especially with good tenants, it’s not worth the drama for me.