Looking for Umbrella policy

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I’ve a rental property in WV with only landlord’s policy on it. Reading here I realized it’s safe to have umbrella policy, just in case. I had called progressive agent that I’ve landlords policy asking about needing an umbrella policy. But haven’t heard back. Honestly I don’t know anything about what to look for under umbrella policy, how much should I get it and other things ? I plan to have this property till April of 2020 and then put it on market. Take the proceeds from the sale and look for multi.

In my experience you can ONLY get an umbrella policy as an adjunct to your personal residence.  Don't call your rental insurance agent.  Call the agent for your home.

The price for the umbrella varies based on your risk profile and coverage.

There are companies out there where you are able to purchase a mono-line umbrella, but typically those are more expensive and you have to act as the insurance professional for the policy (aka you likely wont have a direct agent to ask questions to)

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