Has anyone used Bungalow?

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Hello Everyone.

I just learned about a company called Bungalow. Has anyone on BB used them and if so, what was the upside over a traditional rental agreement? Thanks!


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I've worked with them for over a year and they were fine until a few months ago and have become less reliable with paying rent, blaming the pandemic. Eviction is imminent. I would definitely not recommend working with them. @Sam G. @Tony Paterno

@Tony Paterno, have they contacted you recently about working together? I was under the impression that the company was folding.


I’ve seen a couple of Bungalow apartments in Brooklyn. They were all pretty nice, but be aware that you’ll be paying a lot extra for unnecessary stuff (they overprice for furnishing the common areas and having a cleaner come every so often.) I’d get a Bungalow as a plan B, plan A being finding a room through The Listings Project or an app like Roomi (found the apartment I’m living now effortlessly.) Good luck!

@Michael Patrick - thanks for the heads up! Looks like they've got a couple listings in Austin and not sure if they'll end up making this one of their markets.

@Tony Paterno , @Kizzy Dominguez - we did not end up using Bungalow. We found our tenants sticking with traditional long term rental marketing (Zillow, similar websites) and based on this feedback, I'm glad we did!