Lease End & Lease Start Window

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Can I have tenants sign less than a 365 day lease (360 days) to allow 5 days for cleaning and repair maintenance work to be done before the new tenants move in? Am I required to prorate it?

Is there a better way to approach this type of situation?

I think you are making this more complicated than needed.  That being said, you can do a lease for as much time as you want.  I doubt tenants will want to pay for 5 days in which they aren't living in the property.  You would likely end up prorating at which point you haven't created any benefit to you.

Is there a better way of doing this so that we can have the property cleaned and any maintenance done before the new tenants move their furniture in? Just creates a lot more work for the cleaning and maintenance crews. 

Currently the lease expires July 31st and the new lease starts August 1st. Doesn't really give much of a window to get the work done so the house is ready for the new tenants.

@Jason Curtis You will want to schedule your leases accordingly. When we receive notice that a tenant is non renewing, we will make the apartment available for at least a week after the move out date. The new tenant will pay a pro rated amount for the amount of days they are occupying the apartment.

Generally when I have someone moving out I offer to refund them up to 7 days of rent if they move out early and leave the apartment in good condition. Many will take me up on it if they can.