Landlord and tenant lease renewal

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Hey Guys, I own a rental property in Connecticut. I have this problematic tenant that I’m ready to get rid of. She never takes out her garbage on time, her son has costed me broken windows, I get noise complaints etc. In addition she is on section 8. Recently she said she had mice so I got an exterminator and when the exterminator came she refused to open the door. Not sure why but I tried my key to enter the apartment she changed the locks to my doors.

Long story short her lease is up October 31st, her case worker said I only have to give her 30 days notice but I want her out of there by the date the lease is up. Should I send her the non lease renewal notice In August so she has ample time to vacate the premise and find a new apartment. Or in September? Any thoughts ? I’m even concerned that she may damage my property beyond what her security. Can cover because she has such a bad attitude.


I would give her the minimum required notice and hope for the best. Doesn't section 8 cover damage caused by the tenant?  I've never accepted section 8 but I've been told by their case workers that any damage caused by the tenant would be covered... 

Hey Karen! My wife and I own multiple buy and holds here in Vegas and we have had 3 of our properties have section 8 (housing authority vouchers) tenants. In addition, we are very close to some of the supervisors and case workers in the office. Our last section 8 tenant was wonderful, but she moved on to a larger house because they had another baby and needed a 4th bedroom. All of our homes are very nice and we keep everything maintained. Unfortunately, we had horrible experiences with two tenants and ultimately we were just played by the tenants. They created constant issues for the neighborhood and all of the homes are in HOA's. Needless to say, we have years of experience with section 8, so if you have any questions, reach out. I am writing because we had this exact situation you are asking about. We wanted to evict our tenants, but with the lease almost being up in two months, we thought there would be less damage if we let them stay and not throw them out. Boy, we were wrong.... They tore that place up because their lease was not being re-newed and that pissed them off. In hindsight, I wish we evicted them. Regarding your other concern about damaging your property, you can report it to the section 8 office and they will be kicked out of the program and their voucher will be taken away....and I mean like all the money they are used to is taken very seriously. You have to go through the proper channels though to evict, per your state laws as well as the contract you have with the Housing Authority... Good luck to you and be firm. You have everything to gain by protecting your interests!

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@Chris Anderson wow what an experience! And that is my worst fear because this lady has a disgusting attitude. And I can see her trying to retaliate because I’m not renewing the lease. I emailed the case worker but I have yet to receive a response. I going to follow up again. Thank you!

Send her a notice in advance and start you eviction process. Check your lease and the laws related in your state. Or just find a professional people to consult with. Try to protect your rights.

I prefer to give as much notice as possible once I decide we don’t plan to renew.  The more notice they have the more likly they will be successful at saving enough deposit money and finding a place that will work.  A SEC 8 tenant cannot possibly get her voucher reissued, find a new place that will take her voucher, get through all the paperwork and inspections complete all within 30 days. It’s virtually impossible.  60 days is more reasonable in my opinion, but I am willing to give a longer notice as long as I know.