Things to do before renters moving in

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Hi BP folks, I am moving out of my home and renting it for first time. I already schedule it for carpet and move out cleaning. Please suggest what other things should I do before renters moving in?

Should I take pictures and videos of house in case they damage anything?


@Shefali T. yes, a good cleaning and property documentation of the property condition before the tenants move-in and after they move-out is imperative. 

Check out the comps in the area and see what finishes and amenities they are offering, that will help determine what else you have to do. 

Best of luck!

Check your local requirements for rentals since they may be different than requirements for owners.  For example the types of locks you have on exterior doors (California requires deadbolts on exterior doors to rentals.)  Check smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector requirements for rentals in your town/city.  

Fix any of those little niggling things that you 'put up with' like squeaky doors and drawers that don't quite slide easily.  Flush the water heater and check that both elements are working.  These are just examples but may prompt you about things specific to your rental that could be tuned up.  Have a friend look the place over because different eyes really do notice different things.