Maintenance call service

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All, I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience, both positive or negative, with maintenance coordination companies. Companies such as Latchel or Property Meld, or any other.

It seems like the coordination of maintenance calls/requests seems to be my biggest time commitment with my business, as I self-manage my properties. If anyone has any first hand experience I'd love to hear your feedback regarding using them.



@Brent Kiger

I am a buy and hold investor but I'm also a contractor that worked for a property manager that utilized property meld and it was a complete nightmare. It was the sole reason I stopped working for them because that was the only platform that they used. As a busy contractor that's running and gunning you just don't have time to constantly be logging into your phone and getting on a dashboard to check things constantly...

With my maintenance and service calls on my own rentals I just put the vendor directly in contact with the tenant for scheduling and I take myself out of the picture immediately.