Pocatello ID Contractors

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ARA in Poky does solid work. They mainly do remodels. Not exactly investors, but really know their stuff. Another one I know of, and have some investor clients who use is GO construction management. He's from Twin Falls though so you have to have a pretty significant remodel for him to come. He works fast though. Let me know if you want contact numbers or more info, good luck!

Hi everyone, I'll add to this thread as it is related. I am seeking a dependable general handyman in the Pocatello / Chubbuck area. My handyman I've been using for the last couple of years decided to quit and now I need a good replacement. Any referrals here? I need someone that can do just about anything, fixing leaks, caulking, fix holes, install a dishwasher, etc. The guy I had was great and very fair in what he charged for his time. I'm sad to see him go. I know there has to be another one out there like that. Please PM me if you can refer anyone. Thanks!