Pet rules for leases

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@Jeremy Marek my pet addendum basically says that the tenant will care for the pet and Stay up to date on vaccinations.

I charge usually $35/mo pet fee. I don’t typically collect a higher deposit, though have considered it in certain cases.

@Jeremy Marek My lease has a $25/mo pet rent per pet. Everything is considered a pet, from dog to cat to bird to fish. Caged animals are charged per cage/aquarium. Two pet/cage maximum. Hefty fines for unreported pets. None over 40 pounds. Also have a list of prohibited dogs per my insurance. I do not charge a deposit at this time.

@Jeremy Marek We approve pets only with proof that the pet is spayed or neutered since it shows that the owner is responsible, to prevent a litter of puppies living in the house, and to lower the chance of the dog marking their territory by peeing inside. We also require proof that the tenant has renter’s insurance which covers their dog to lower some of our liability and our homeowner’s insurance also covers the dog. We do not charge any additional fees or deposits.

Originally posted by @Jeremy Marek :

Having a new dog move into one of our units. Was wondering what kind of lease rules you guys add for pets and how much extra for security deposit and monthly rent?

I charge a upfront non refundable fee. And a monthly pet fee.  I honestly would rather not have any animals in my properties but I’ll take the extra money.  If they pay it they tend to take care of the animals and property.

Also my lease addendum for pets talks a out licensed shots and picking up after them  

I just have one rental. I don't charge an extra deposit for pets, but I do charge pet rent of $25/month/pet, with a limit of 3 pets - dog, cat, bird, lizard, snake, whatever. The base rent is $900/mo, in a B-class neighborhood. I don't mind taking pets because it's a SFR with a decent-sized yard and a chain link fence, and it has hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors everywhere.

The language I have in the lease about this says I get to meet the pets before they move in, states the pet rent fee, and also mentions that the city has breed-specific legislation for dogs (no pit bulls).  I'm not sure if I agree with that law, but I'm not going to help the tenants break it, either.

I don't pull the pet's credit report.  :D

@Jeremy Marek

Majority of my current addendum pasted below. I’m definitely adding a non-refundable $425 for duct cleaning going forward. Good suggestion on that.

1. I (also read "We" throughout this agreement) understand that if my pet:

a. causes noise, odors, and/or damage; and/or

b. causes another tenant or the owner to have an allergic reaction or phobia; and/or

c. harms or acts aggressively or could be dangerous toward another tenant, contractor, neighbor, or the owner;

d. causes a written complaint to be received from a neighbor, other tenant, or any other person or organization,

then my pet is to be immediately removed from the premises, upon written notice from the landlord/agent, never to

return (neither to live nor to visit). Failure to comply, upon service of said written notice, is a breach of the Residential

Tenancy Agreement and may be cause for eviction proceedings of tenants and/or pets to commence immediately.

2. I understand that the Lease Agreement is between the Landlord and Tenant, and not the pet. Therefore eviction of pets

does not void the Lease Agreement and therefore I agree to uphold any tenancy obligations put forth by said agreement.

3. In any event, I hold harmless the property owner, landlord, property manager and their respective agents from any third

party legal actions resulting from the actions or behaviour of my pet.

4. All vaccinations to my pet shall be current and verification shall be made available to the landlord/agent immediately

upon request and/or prior to moving into property.

5. No animal, neither mine nor my guest's, shall be permitted to run at large in common areas of the premises and shall

always be on a leash and under adult supervision while in common areas of the premises, and shall not be permitted to be

tied up outside or in common areas of the premises.

6. I am responsible for cleaning up after my pets and my guest's pets, should they create messes or cause damages in and

around the premises. All pet droppings shall be promptly bagged and placed in the outside garbage receptacle. Under no

circumstance should cat litter, pet cage contents, etc., be flushed down the toilet or any household drain.

7. I am responsible for removal of any odors, insects, or infestations, and for the repair of any damage that may be a result of

my pet (or my guest's pet), including but not limited to: professional steam cleaning; fumigation; repair or replacement of:

flooring, window coverings, doors, walls, screens, lawns, and any other item that may be damaged. All damages will be

repaired at the landlord's discretion and will be paid for by the tenant within 7 days of being invoiced.

8. Pet must be present during first interview with Landlord/Agent.

9. If/when my pet dies, I will not replace it with another animal without a new pet agreement submitted to and approved by

the landlord/agent