every reasonably priced luxury vinyl plank has scratch complaints

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A 12mil wear layer is just 0.3mm thick. That's your typical lifetime warrantied LVP.

The common theme among reviews of all different brands is scratches.

Do you really think LVP is durable flooring? because it doesn't sound like it.

Anything with a thin top layer is not going to be as durable as something that is much thicker.

I prefer to use solid vinyl plank strips. It looks like hardwood floor. They can be scratched if you drag something heavy across them but they still can't be hurt but a puddle of water like some laminate products. I have some properties that have had these floors for over 5 years now with no issues.

My go to flooring is this flooring as described above from Surplus Warehouse.

Southwind makes a really good vinyl plank floor. I agree that they are all scratch over time especially around kitchen tables. Like John said as far as being water proof and durable I think they are hard to beat given other options on the market today especially for apartments and rentals.