Do we need to install handrail for section 8 inspection

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We have a rental house to ready for Section 8 inspection.  We checked online and it seems if there are 4 or more steps, a handrail is required.  There are 5 steps outside the house and we are wondering if we really need to install the handrail to pass the inspection.  The picture of the outside steps is below:

I reading the below from HUD, I am going to hazard a guess that the answer is YES. I think that 5 steps falls within the requirement of "four or more steps."

Under HUD regulations, any house or apartment that has four or more steps must have a handrail installed to prevent the potential for injury. This rule is regardless of whether or not the tenant has an injury or disability and applies to all HUD sponsored properties. In addition, the handrails must run along the full length of the steps as partial handrails are not considered acceptable under HUD regulations due to the potential for injury.

@Zak Hou over 3 steps by code you need a hand rail. Doesn't matter if it is section 8 or not. An inspector should pick up on that and tell you in his report that it needs to be on. It can also be as simple as a 2x4 though. As long as they can get their hand on it to hold on to. Code for a railing is 36" + or - 3" if you were looking to do it yourself.