Reputable/Reliable Property Management in Lansing, MI

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Hello everyone. Can anyone out there in the Lansing. Michigan area recommend a reliable and reputable property management company? I'm currently in Canada and my business partner and I are looking to expand our current investment portfolio in Lansing. Any good recommendations would be greatly appreciated as we must ensure that we have excellent property management in place. Thanks everyone.

We are currently using 1st Choice, have been with them for @ 4 years, and have been very happy with them.  PM me if you want their contact info.

I haven't used any of the five property managers listed but can vouch for all of them. Being a realtor and investor in the area, I hear of certain mangers to avoid at all costs. All of the ones listed have different styles and similar prices. I recommend looking at the contracts for each and maybe calling on some vacant homes they have for rent to get a feel for how each one runs things and make a decision after that.

Renaissance Property Management

DS Huber Properties

First choice

Preview Properties

MTH Management