NJ Commercial Lease.

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I own an office Building in NJ and I am trying to find a good lease agreement I can use before I go ahead and use my attorney. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

If you're going to use an attorney, why don't you have him draft the agreement. What he can provide is likely more suitable to your area than what you will find for free online. We manage small commercial property in Central NJ and will always recommend an attorney to draft a Lease Agreement. 

@Abe Galam - Pete hit the nail on the head. There are a ton of variables for commercial leases. I own a small mix use building in Westville that has commercial tenants. There are two offices in the building and both leases are different. Part of what you have to account for is your tenant and their business as well as the space itself. Things like:

-Do you need a personal guarantee?
-Is the space built to suit? If so what elements is the tenant in charge of?
-Is there a lease ramp up?
-Insurance/liability of tenants business?

I would definitely consult an attorney just so you make sure you cover everything that could possibly affect your property, bottom-line, and liability.