How long in between securing a tenant & move in?

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I'm renting out my first apartment.  It became vacant early this month.  It is a 4 bedroom.  I've had a lot of interest and many want to move in however none are looking to move in tomorrow.  Typically Sept 1.  What is the best way to handle this?  A concern of mine is that someone willing to up and move ASAP might be a low quality tenant.  Any advice would be great.  Thanks

Fix that preventatively if possible, work on renting your property before the current tenant moves out. If they're leaving at the first of he month advertise a month early when they give you notice they're leaving.  When that doesn't happen, tell prospective tenants that if you hold it for this long you'll lose money, but maybe if they prorated for the last week (lessening your loss) then you could hold it for them, and they'd have a week to move since they likely have to be out of their place by the 1st.

There should be no relevance between quality and the person wants to move in soon. You should have your own requirement on move-in date and also have your own criteria on my tenants. Always do screening before you make your decision.