Need book recommendations

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Hi agents friends, I've been a real estate investor for several years and have read a lot of books regarding investing. Always love analyzing numbers and stuff. 

This year I got my license and would love to read some book on communication, sales and marketing. Do you have books that you think are super motivational and helpful to you to become a better agent?

Thanks in advance! 

Definitely a lot of great resources out there. I've personally found Jay Baer's "Hug Your Haters" to be super useful. Another one is "Do Better Work" by Max Yoder; as you can tell much of my focus tends to be geared towards the communication aspect of the business but I like to look to other industries for good books on the top skills requisite of that industry (ie. service industry is a great place to look for books on improving communications and sales). I hope this information helps! Looking forward to reading others' suggestions as well. @Jingru Sui