Tenant plants ruined

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We had a 40' tree that was uprooting and needed to be removed ASAP. We got a tree trimmer to come and remove it as well as general trimming since the yard was majorly overgrown and overdue for a good tree trimming. Our renters are extremely into plants, and we walked through the backyard with the boyfriend (on the lease as well as the woman) and told him our plants to remove and trim majorly - which he didn't protest to and seemed agreeable that it needed it. 

The job took about 4 days to do and completely haul off limbs. We got a ton of texts from a pissed off tenant saying that we ruined "thousands of dollars worth of plants" that they had planted, and she ran over a tree limb that was left by the contractor (we were on him big time about keeping it clean and demanded that he haul off every last limb - despite the boyfriend offering to pile it up for the city to haul off instead) and her FRONT tire is flat - which we are now responsible for (as well as a rental car for several days because the tire isn't available quickly??)

Initially, we were willing to compensate somewhat just for the inconvenience and the fact that they're in love with plants. Now that she's piling on the extras and seemingly taking advantage - we are considering not compensating for any of it since we did everything that we were supposed to do and are well within our rights to maintain the property. If you spent thousands of dollars at a rental property then you do so at your own risk since it's OUR property - correct? Any advice? I also fail to understand how a front tire can be flat from a TREE LIMB that you BACKED over from the driveway?? and why you need a tow truck and rental care for a flat tire.

side note - she is also claiming she's losing out on wages from having a WEDDING at our backyard because her friend wanted to book with her for event planning due to the beauty of the plants she planted in our backyard...

@Kelli Vickrey   I doubt she spent thousands of dollars on plants at a place she's renting.  If they were that valuable, she would have asked to be there when the tree trimming was going on.  As for the limb, why didn't she look around the yard before she drove off knowing that the tree guys may not have cleaned up (especially if as you said, they were so 'careless' and 'destroyed' her plants?

Something else stinks because if she backed out of the driveway, why on earth wouldn't she have stopped when the BACK tires hit the tree limb before continuing to drive over it and it damaging the front tire.

I would go over to the yard and check out the damage.  Drive by BEFORE announcing you are coming over and take photos of the front yard to see if they do anything to it before you arrive for your visit.

You've got a ton of stuff going on here.

You informed the boyfriend about the plans. You did your job. You generally don't need to inform everyone on the lease, but in the case of it being a boyfriend and girlfriend on the lease, it is very reasonable to inform only one of them. 

The trimming of trees generally should not result in damage to plants on the ground. A good tree trimmer will tie off the branches and pull the over plants that are below. If lots of plants were damaged, then the tree trimmer was likely lousy.

Depending on the size and position of the tree limb, it is entirely possible for a person to run over it with their front tire and not their back tire while reversing. If they are a good tenant I may offer to pay for the tire, but not a rental car. I'm not sure why a tire would take multiple days to arrive unless you are in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I drive an expensive sports car and none of the tire shops have my tires in stock. However, it has never taken more than one day for it to arrive after being ordered and many times it is same day delivery. I would not consider paying for towing unless her car is something really expensive and the tire can't be changed there. 

As for the wedding, I hope your lease includes language that it is for a residence only and no business should be conducted on the premises. Even if it doesn't, that is her problem. While she is at it, she can claim that she was planning on going to the local 7-11 to buy a PowerBall ticket with those winning numbers and you owe her $700,000,000 since she couldn't get there. 

Thank you both. My husband went over there to take pictures and luckily the boyfriend completely agrees that the tire and the plants aren’t from the trimmers. I think she’s a little hysterical. Hopefully we can resolve it without escalating!