PM Withholding Tenants Info

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Does anyone know what my rights are?  My PM and I have decided to part ways.  My current renters are staying in the house and have signed a new lease with me.  I have asked my PM for any stuff he collected.  Backgrounds, Financials move in paperwork.  He told me that background info stays with his third party and is confidential.  he apparently never did any move in paperwork.  he claims financials are sent out to them and me every year.  I was wanting like there financial background info like income and what not.  does he have to give me this info or can he just be a prick and say no?  He has refused to send me anything except he did send me there deposit with interest. Thanks in advance BP

@Theresa Harris I don't know.  What if they become a problem?  Is there any info there that I would need for an eviction or to hold them accountable? Do I need SSN (not even sure thats something that Landlords collect)?  this will be my first time managing my property.  I'm not really sure what I need but all I have now is signatures on a lease is that all I need?

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Have an attorney write a demand letter for all this stuff. It'll probably be turned over very quickly.

@Scot Sorenson

A lease with a name and signature is enough to commence legal proceedings against the tenant for non payment of rent or eviction. But you will need an SSN and potentially other info to collect on a judgment or outstanding balance if it ever happens. Also, if you don't have a valid photo ID of the tenant, can you confirm with 100% certainty that it's the same person named on the lease?

Unfortunately, if you want this information, you will have to collect it from your tenants. The company does not have to give it to you as it is confidential information. 

@Scot Sorenson, I would simply ask the tenants to do it again.  If it's that big of a concern for you.

Quit wasting hope and energy that the PM will help you after you terminated their services. Personally, I would wait until their lease ends up and they decide to renew.  At this point there isn't much you can do because they're on an existing lease.  

But it never hurts to ask.