adverse action notice rental application denial on Tellus Naborly

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We are going to post our property for rent in a few weeks and plan to use the Naborly / Tellus screening service.  I have a generic form that I got from the bigger pockets rental book for sending an adverse action notice for applicants who are denied the rental property.  In there, there is a spot for the applicant to contact a consumer reporting agency if they want a free copy of their report if they want.  I wasn't sure where to direct them.  

What do you guys do about notifying applicants that they were not chosen?  

I want to caution you against using Naborly.  I used the Tellus Naborly tenant screening.  Naborly missed 3 DC evictions in 2008, 2014, and 2019 and reported "No Records Found" under their "National Eviction and Rental Property Search."  I went to the free DC Court search and typed in the tenant's name and the 3 eviction cases and documents filed popped instantly to my horror.  I trusted Naborly to do an actual tenant search.  Their services are negligent.

I sent a copy of the Court's eviction cases against the tenant that they missed.  I communicated with "Emily" who identified herself as a "Customer Support Manager" and wrote:

"This Applicant perhaps had three previous evictions on a database that Naborly does not have access to. At this time there is no extensive US or Canada wide database exclusively for evictions, and evictions do not appear in the criminal background check we conduct on tenants."

How in the world is Naborly checking for evictions?  Short anwer, Naborly does not check for evictions on the free local websites of courts that carry out evictions.  So they do not have a trustworthy tenant screening service.

Note that Emily said she could not discuss details of the Tenant Report since Tellus was the customer and not I, since this was sent to them through a Tellus account.  However, when Naborly wanted to sell their product Naborly Shield, they discussed the Tenant report in full detail with me. Naborly obviously makes up policy on the fly to servce their purpose.

Any suggestions on what I can do with this negligent Tenant Search that I relied on and is costing me money now to evict a person I would never have accepted if I knew they were a habitual rental free loader who had been evicted 3 times!

Naborly reports include name of the credit reporting agency Equifax. Their mailing address for the reporting agency is Equifax Information Services LLC P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374. You can find their phone number at their web site.